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Rules and Regulations of Kangur service

  1. Kangur service enables uploadin/downloading files from a sever. After uploading a file, the user receives a link which allows to download the file from wherever he pleases. Various types of files are accepted, except for .exe and .bat files.
  2. The file is stored on the server for a certain time (4 days as default). After the expiration date the file is deleted automatically.
  3. The user has the possibility to designate the receiver – by providing his e-mail address
  4. The user has the possibility to delete the files from the server – after log-in.
  5. The files uploaded on the server are treated as private. The Kangur service provides no browsing option.
  6. The user takes sole responsibility for the data stored on the server.
  7. The user is in control of the data by generating and distributing the link.
  8. It is prohibited to upload the following kinds of files:
    - files which are subject of copyright and related rights, unauthorised distribution of which is prohibited,
    - file of pornographic content,
    - files containing restricted, confidential, secret and top secret data as defined in the Act on the Protection of Classified Information.
  9. All files are transferred on the basis of property rights - users take sole responsibility for their content.
  10. WCSS bears no responsibility for the loss of the data stored on Kangur server, regardless of the reason.

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