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High Performance Computing Services

As part of our High Performance Computing services we provide the equipment and scientific software for computing. We also assure support and training in computer-aided scientific research. The computational resources are linked by the WCSS Intranet and integrated with Wrocław Academic Computer Network (WASK), which is a part of Polish national optical network PIONIER.

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Archiving services

The HPC unit provides the system of data backup creation as well as the service of data archiving. Our services are aimed at the research teams who use the high performance computing services, and at various scientific institutions from the region of Lower Silesia. The data storage service if free of charge. Cultural institutions and institutions of public administration interested in our archiving services are welcome to contact us.

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Security services

The aim of HPC security section is to maintain the highest standards of security of computing services and data storage. The implemented policies protect the users from losing important data and calculation results. One of the section's responsibilities is to ensure the safety of Polish national computational infrastructure PL-Grid. During National Data Storage project and Platon-U4 project, WCSS takes part in the creation of the users authentication system.

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Research and development activity (R&D)

The HPC unit participates in many national and international projects which concern the development and the security of both grid infrastructures and HPC as well as the research on new technologies and the optimisation of scientific applications. The developed solutions are implemented in WCSS in order to provide the highest standards of service. The computational resources are a part of Polish and European research infrastructures.

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Infrastructure parametres

  • system performance:
    860 TFlops
  • operating memory:
    74,75 TB
  • disk capacity:
    2,7 PB
  • mass storage:
    5,6 PB

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