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Scope of activity

One of WCSS main activities is to provide computing clusters for scientific research. These clusters are referred to as High Performance Computers (HPC).

The High Performance Computing Services Department role is to maintain and develop HPC. Apart from computing services the department provides archivisation and security services together with its research and development activity, through participation in many projects of national and international range.

The resources are also shared with the users of both national (eg. PL-Grid) and international(PRACE, EGI) infrastrucures.

The parametres of the computing infrastructure with the data storage system are :

  • system performance – 72,5 TFlops
  • operating memory – 14,5 TB
  • disk capacity – 895 TB
  • mass storage – 2,82 PB
Section management

High Performance Computing Department Manager
Mateusz Tykierko, Ph.D.
phone (+48) 71 320 20 32

Gaussian Workshop

The official Gaussian Workshop:

Introduction to Gaussian: Theory and Practice

will be held at the Wroclaw Center for Networking and Supercomputing in Wroclaw, Poland, June 24-28, 2013.

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Infrastructure parametres

  • system performance:
    860 TFlops
  • operating memory:
    74,75 TB
  • disk capacity:
    2,7 PB
  • mass storage:
    5,6 PB

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