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Gaussian Workshop

The official Gaussian Workshop:

Introduction to Gaussian: Theory and Practice

will be held at the Wroclaw Center for Networking and Supercomputing in Wroclaw, Poland, June 24-28, 2013.

Registration for the workshop is closed.

Program of the workshop and schedule information is provided by the Gaussian Inc. on the event's site.

Venue - building D20 of Wroclaw University of Technology. Click here for campus map. Main transportation hub is located in 100m at Grunwaldzki Square.

City of Wroclaw - information about the City, transportation, attractions etc:

Accomodation - in Wroclaw:,1.dhtml

Recommended accomodation in area close to the venue:

Hotel map:


Infrastructure parametres

  • system performance:
    860 TFlops
  • operating memory:
    74,75 TB
  • disk capacity:
    2,7 PB
  • mass storage:
    5,6 PB

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