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Logo EGIEGI-InSPIRE (Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe) project supports the development and the management of the European grid infrastructure EGI. It aims to provide researchers with a reliable infrastructure for large-scale computation. Its origins date back to EGEE projects.

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European Grid Initiative

Logo EGIEuropean Grid Initiative (EGI) is an initiative of European computing centres involved in the development of grid computing infrastructure in Europe. The origins of this initiative date back to EGEE (Enabling Grid for E-sciencE, EGEE I/II/III) projects, carried out in years 2004-2010. The supporting project is the current EGI-InSPIRE project, co-financed as a part of the Seventh Framework Programme.

Non-profit foundation has been appointed for the infrastructure and services management. The foundation operates under the Dutch law.

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