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About WCSS

Scope of activity

Wrocław Centre for Networking and Supercomputing is an organizational unit of Wrocław University of Technology. Its main tasks are:

  • operation and development of the Wrocław Academic Computer Network (WASK);
  • operation and development of high performance computing services (HPC);
  • operation and development of network information services for all academic and research institutions from the region of Lower Silesia.

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Origins and development

WCSS was established on 21st of December 1994 by Rector of Wrocław University of Technology. This decision was preceded by the agreement from 4th of May 1994, between Wrocław universities and different research institutions to participate in the development and prospective use of Wrocław Academic Computer Network (WASK) and high performance computers (HPC). On July 1st 1995 WCSS became an independent unit.

The main task of WCSS is to operate and develop WASK and HPC, which are both part of Polish science information infrastructure. When WCSS was founded, its working staff consisted of people who were in charge of operating on so called 'general resources' of the university at the Wrocław University of Technology Information Centre. Their origins date back to the Wrocław University of Technology Computing Centre, founded in 1972.

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