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Metropolitan networks

There are 24 Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) in Poland, located at the major academical cities of the country. They are playing an important role in the evolution of the national network infrastrucutre.

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Virtual network of schools

The virtual network of schools is a part of the WASK network and connects a number of primary and secondary schools in Wrocław. The pupils and teachers have access to the Internet via WASK.

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PIONIER network

PIONIER network is a nationwide broadband optical network which represents a base for research and development in the area of information technology and telecommunications, computing sciences (grids, etc.), applications and services for the Information Society. Built entirely from the KBN (Committee for Scientific Research) funds, currently connects 21 Academic Network Centers of Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) and 5 of the HPC (High Performance Computing) Centers using its own fibre connections.

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WASK network upgrading

Until 2003 WASK network based on FDDI loop and ATM LS1010 swiches, which connected selected nodes of FDDI. The base of WASK backbone were CISCO devices: C4000 and C7000 routers, Catalyst 5000 C3200 switches and also C7500 routers serving as the edge routers. The average speed of data transfer within the backbone was 100Mb/s, reaching 155/622 Mb/s as a part of ATM protocol. Such throughput, however, turned out to be insufficient, and new investments were made.

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