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The WASK network connects the academic institutions of Wrocław, providing them with access to Polish national network PIONIER and European network GÉANT2. Its infrastructure includes 23 nodes and over 120 km of fibre-optic routes. The nodes are located mainly in the buildings of Wrocław universities.

The Council of WASK Users is composed of the representatives from the univerities and science institutes from Wroclaw.

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WASK network infrastructure includes 26 nodes and over 120 km of fiber-optic routes, connecting over 500 local networks and as many as 15000 computer stations.

Academic networks of Legnica, Polkowice and Lubin are also part of WASK. It also has interconnection points with such networks as TK TELEKOM, UPC, Dialog a direct connections with such operators as EXATEL, TK TELEKOM, TPSA.

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Rules and Regulations

WASK Rules and Regulations (in Polish)
Council of Users Rules and Regulations (in Polish)

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