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Incident response handling and post-incident analysis

An analysis aimed at identifying the intrusion path to the network/device and determining its effects. At WCSS, the service is provided by computer forensics experts.

The full scope of the service includes the following activities: 
  • Confirmation of the actual occurrence of the incident.
  • Determining the extent of the incident.
  • Identification of the immediate cause of the incident (vulnerability used).
  • Assistance in reaching all parties involved.
  • Assistance in reaching the appropriate legal services, if necessary.
  • Contacting and reporting to other CSIRTs.
  • Preparation of notifications for users, if necessary.
  • Elimination of the vulnerability.
  • Protecting the system against the spread of the incident.
  • Protecting the system against the effects of the incident.
  • Securing the evidence.
The service is free of charge for WUST units. 

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