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Providing access to the KDM scientific software

As part of the WCSS computing resources – the Bem and Bem 2 clusters – we offer access to the hardware and software for scientific computations.  These applications include:
  • Amber: a group of tools for molecular modeling, used primarily in biological macromolecules. The packet includes the Amber force fields (which are used by many applications that calculate molecular dynamics), the Amber 11 software and the AmberTools set. The AmberTools package can be used independently, but its installation is required to use Amber 11.
  • Jupiter: an interactive computing environment allowing the user to make documents containing code and its results, formatted code (Markdown) or graphs/images/equations (LaTex), etc. The basic kernel has a Python interpreter.
  • Matlab: launching tasks on the cluster from the Matlab level.
We also provide technical support in research based on the WCSS infrastructure, as well as dedicated trainings on computer-aided research. The list of software available at WCSS and the relevant manuals can be found HERE and HERE.

Do you have questions about the service or do you need additional information? Email us with questions.